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Product title:Cleanroom Sticky Mat SP-STI-01

  • Product detail:Sticky mats are coated with a unique high viscosity or low viscosity adhesive size for each layer. Digital label for the separation between the film and the film, multi-layer, straight side sticky dust floor mats can quickly and effectively remove the transport vehicles and soles carrying dust, keep the environment clean, easy to use, the surface contamination, tear off the layer.

    Cleanroom Sticky Mat SP-STI-01

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    Product parameters

    Material: Polyethylene (LDPE) Water Adhesive (Environmentally Friendly)

    Thickness: 2.00mm / per (can be customized according to customer requirements other thickness)

    Color: sky blue / white and so on

    Normal specifications: 26 〃 * 45 〃 24 〃 * 36 〃 18 〃 * 36 〃 inch (can be customized according to customer requirements)

    Structure: 30 pages per piece

    First page thickness 55um

    The second page to the thirty page thickness 63um

    The last page thickness 55um

    Before 1-29 layer of adhesive force: 500g / 25mm +/- 10 points in the high and low

    Bottom Adhesive Strength: 600g / 25mm +/- 10 points Medium, High and Low

    Sticky capacity: 99.9% (walk 5 steps)

    Temperature: 60 degrees

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