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Product title:SP-AP-AZ1211 Ionizing Air Gun

  • Product detail:◆ Features 1、 Gun shape static eliminator 2、 Small size and easy installation 3、 Safe and reliable working under high voltage and micro current 4、 With compressed air source and longer working distance 5、 Static eliminating while cleaning the surface dust

    SP-AP-AZ1211 Ionizing Air Gun



    ◆ Features

    1、 Gun shape static eliminator

    2、 Small size and easy installation

    3、 Safe and reliable working under high voltage and micro current

    4、 With Compressed air sourcee and longer working distance   

    5、Static Eliminating while cleaning the surface dust   



    Industry Applications

    Used in electronics, injection molding, printing, film and pharmaceutical machinery industries


    Working Ways  (AC)






    Model           SP-AP-AZ1211

    Input voltage          AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60 Hz

    Power           25W

    Ion balance           ≤|±50V150mm testing center from the air gun

    Discharge speed         ≤1.5s150mm testing center from the air gun

    Noise            ≤65db150mm from air outlet

    Air pressure range          0.050.6MPa

    Working temperature        0- 50°C  

    Air connector           Ф8mmcustomize available

    HV cord length       3M

    Dimension           193*37*147L*W*H

    Net weight           450ginclude HV cord 3 meters

    Gross weight           510g

    Power supply              AC-2455-56A




    Elimination Effect



    Testing instrument3M-711  Static tester

    Testing standardESD.STM3.1-2000,SJ/T 11446—2013

    Testing voltage±1000V-±100V Attenuation

    Testing environmentHumidity50±5%;Temperature23±3;

    Testing Air pressure0.5MPa














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