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Product title:Antistatic ball SP-2004

  • Product detail:

    Antistatic ball SP-2004 

    ESD BALL.jpg


    Specification Data sheet
    Ball heightH 1200mmResistance1 Mohm 
    Weight5kgGronding wireMatched with safe grounding wire
    Ball diameterΦ120mmMax input voltage (body static voltage )20KV
    Tube diameterΦ38mm/25mmMax release current<=0.1mA
    Bottom diameter Φ220mmStatic discharge time<=100Ms
    Shelf height H1100mmEnvironment Temperature 20℃-30℃
    MaterialStainless steelEnvironment Humidity<=80% (40℃ )

    Remark: any specification can be customized as per requirepment .

    body static elimination of the ball is a suitable for flammable, explosive and anti-static places of the human body electrostatic discharge products, research and development of the main purpose of this product is: in flammable and explosive hazardous areas and anti-static places, The use of this product can be the body's own electrostatic charge accumulated by the safety of the diarrhea, to avoid the human body caused by static electricity and fire and explosion electric shock phenomenon.

       With the rapid development of industrial economy, the elimination of static electricity is becoming more and more important, we can not ignore the important part. Dapu production of human body static elimination of the ball it is the use of a passive circuit, the use of static electricity on the human body to work, and finally to eliminate the role of static electricity. It is characterized by: small size, light weight. No power supply required. Easy to install. Eliminate static electricity without feeling and so on.

       The volume resistivity of the body is often overlooked because it is blind, but also because of these risks brought us a great loss and injury. So the body of static elimination of the ball it combines the accumulation of static electricity, electrostatic discharge, spark discharge, corona discharge brush-shaped discharge discharge discharge electrostatic discharge principle developed by a new product. It prevents static electricity generated, the static electricity generated has been limited to reach the extent of danger. Followed by the leakage of the charge generated as soon as possible or lead, thereby eliminating the large amount of charge accumulation.


    Medical research confirmed that: the accumulation of electrostatic harm the human body health: some people skin allergies, arrhythmia, headache, insomnia, and irritability and other symptoms, there are people erect hair, mental stress, fear of exposure to metal objects. In addition, when the human body when the accumulation of static electricity will touch the computer computer crashes, electronic components breakdown, ignition and explosion of flammable gases and other major hazards.

    SOUPESD produced the human body static elimination of the ball, its appearance is made of stainless steel tube and stainless ball, it applies to chemical, metallurgical, military,

    Oilfields, computer rooms, high-level hotels, office and other flammable and explosive places.


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